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Change Request Process for changes to National Website

This change is being introduced as a means of governance for our website. The Board, Panel and Branch and Branch details and activites can be changed here.

The idea is to make changes to all publically viewable content on the www.cuidiu.ie website as transparent and traceable as possible.

The Change Request Process is very simple.

  1. If you wish to request a change to the content on any of the owned pages on the website you need to fill out the document below.
  2. On this document you need to indicate what the change is, what you wish the new change to look like, the reason for the change and the urgency of the change.
  3. You also need to ensure that the new content is in correct English and that you have run spell-check on the document.

Once the documentation process is complete you need to save the document and email this until furthter notice please email this form to cuidiucouncilweb@gmail.com, with Subject 'Cuidiu Web Change Request'.

Citing ‘Change Request for XXXXX area’ in the subject bar – XXXX to be changed based on what area you are requesting (see below for sample email)

Change Request Form for National Website

(Changes to the website's layout must be requested through and approved by Cuidiu Council)